Short trips from Dubai for the weekend

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Dubai is a ringing city packed with luxurious dining places, hotels, water promenades, beaches, departmental stores, and glittering skyline.  But if you want some short break from busy city life there are many day trips from Dubai which are the best weekend getaway options in the United Arab Emirates(UAE).  So in the following paragraphs, I’ll be listing some of the best places to visit for a short break or weekend trips from Dubai.  Let’s look at a few daring, fun-filling, ethnically rich, stunning natural places near Dubai and several Weekend Road Trips From Dubai – Best Weekend Getaways In UAE.


This village is situated in the Hajar Mountains and it is the perfect area for those people who are looking for short getaways from Dubai. You can go to the old town in Hatta to check out the standard houses or ascend the cool mountain paths to try out the wilder side of the UAE.

The most common place to visit is the Hatta Heritage Village. It is a rejuvenated conventional hill village demonstrating weaponry, palm-tree products, handicrafts, standard dresses and music.

Moving forward, it’s also possible to go to the famous Hatta Dam. With its clear aqua blue water, the dam is a perfect place for activities such as biking, boating, kayaking and pedal boating. These are generally only some of the many things to do in Hatta. You are able to drive up to Hatta in under 1 hour and 30 minutes from central Dubai. Otherwise, you can book a Hatta tour package from Dubai.


Located a couple of hours from Dubai is the emirate of Fujairah. The spot has a unique scenery that includes seashores and rocky outcrops. Masking the majority of the UAE’s east coast, Fujairah is a superb spot for outdoor activities over the weekend. Not forgetting, you’ll find several cultural attractions in Fujairah too. For lodging, you can check out hotels in Fujairah for a weekend getaway.

Amongst other things, there is a Friday Market in Fujairah in the tremendous mountain town of Masafi. You can go to the Souq Al Juma for snacks, local sweets, pottery, plants and particularly carpets. History enthusiasts, alternatively, can go to the city center to visit the fascinating Al Hayl Castle. Its location on the mountainside makes for an exciting trip, but one that is ‘scenic-ly’ rewarded once you’re up there.


At just a 2hour 40-minute flight from Dubai, here in Baku you’ll have a massive array of things to do! Baku is the capital of Azerbaijan and is the lowest lying capital on the planet at -28m below sea level!

The central city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in addition to where you can see contemporary art museums, the historic palace of Shirvanshahs, the 12th century Maiden Tower and plenty of restaurants and shops.

Travel mends the soul and clears your brain, so don’t forget to take a break from your busy agendas to go and discover.

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